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Release date 18.05.2020

Hey Fast People! 👋

As you may remember, we started this month with quite a few major updates, released Stack 3.0 and made it available for the Windows as well 💪🏼

And… oh boy… Our community of Stackers has quadrupled instantly 😍

So in the name of entire team, we would like to welcome you all, the new Stackers navigating the internet super fast and multitasking now on Windows using Stack!

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However, pushing hard to deliver updates in short time doesn’t come without a cost 🐛

So today we are releasing an important update, that is designed to smash all the nasty bugs that we have discovered in the last two weeks, plus adding few essential features for improving functionality even further.

🐞 Major Bug Fixes on Windows

👤 Wrong User Agent

The User Agent for Windows users was also Mac. Hence, after authorizing in Gmail for instance, although using Windows, some of you received an e-mail that you logged in from Mac 🙃And that was quite creepy. Please accept our apologies for that 😞That is now fixed.

⌨️ Type lagging

Windows Users have been experiencing a very nasty problem, typing was so laggy that it made using Stack on windows very annoying. That bug is fixed now, so enjoy fast typing!

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⬛️ Black dropdown Menu

Windows users experienced a strange bug: on web-apps, such as Linkedin, drop-down menu was black. As of now that bug is also fixed.

Other changes

🐞 Tons of minor bug fixes

👁‍🗨 Minor New Features

🏞 Download Images

If you googled images for instance, downloading was not possible, as we didn’t have “Save image” option in context menu. That has been added now. So you can download images as you would do in your classical browsers.

👻 Ghost Card Improvements
  • Ghost card didn’t have an address bar. Now it has.
  • You can also set Ghost Card on fullscreen by double-clicking on it’s header.
  • And we have added Picture in Picture on Ghost Cards as well
✨ New Shortcuts

Use ‘CMD + W’ on Mac or ‘Ctrl + W’ on Windows, and close active cards instantly.

In general, we strongly encourage you to master Stack shortcuts for unleashing the full power of Stack and becoming a real internet multitasker. In order to deliver the best experience, from time to time we are modifying and adding new shortcuts, so please keep your eyes on it!

🔳 Hiding Menu bar — (WINDOWS ONLY)

There was no need to tarnish your screen with the menu bar, something that you would be using very rarely. Therefore we have decided to hide it, and make visible only if you press “alt” on the keyboard or just click this arrow

Linux version for beta testing

Last but not least, we have also released Linux version for Beta testing. So if some of you or your friends want to test it out, please write us in Live-Chat. We would be happy to share the download link 💜

Other changes

⚡️ Performance improvements

For previous product updates, please visit the link

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