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Release date 13/01/2020

🖖Hey Stackers!

How is recovery from post-New-Year-party-hangovers going? 🍻

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Here at Stack, we have decided to kick off the year with the most Bug Smashing update ever! 🐛🦟☠️

And here is the least of all the bugs that got killed while making this update:

🐞Bug fixes & improvements

  • FIX: Command + F overlaps in google sheet
  • FIX: Bring back card loading
  • FIX: Video & Audio permissions for messengers
  • FIX: Skype video and audio calls
  • FIX: CMD + F makes window unresponsive
  • FIX: Instagram story click makes main window full screen
  • FIX: Back & refresh buttons in live chat overlap
  • FIX: Prevent zoom on command + option + +/-
  • FIX: Card header buttons double click should not trigger card fullscreen
  • FIX: If there are many cards in single stack splash-screen does not disappear
  • FIX: The card name is not updated. It causes problems in a quick switch
  • FIX: Trim app title in quick switch
  • FEATURE: Paste and Match Style with command + shift + V
  • UPDATE: Increase initial window size

That’s all for now 😉

Thanks for being with us and stay tuned for coming updates!

For previous product updates, please visit the link

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